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Tips On Getting Inbound Leads Via Paid Website Traffic

Tips On Getting Inbound Leads Via Paid Website Traffic People  often call me for a Free Consultation  and say that they invest most of their marketing budget into inbound leads via paid website traffic. They believe that the fast and simple way to get leads is via Pay-Per-Click  (PPL) advertisement on Google, Facebook, Twitter, or […]

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Three Reasons Why Lead Generation Activities Are Missing ROI

Lead Generation and ROI: Why it is missing? “Across the industry spectrum, salespeople are frustrated, failing and earning far less than they should because they do not know how to prospect… they spin their wheels chasing flavor-of-the-day magic pills and ‘easy buttons’ that frustratingly never seem to make a difference” Mark Hunter, High-Profit Prospecting:Powerful Strategies to […]

lead generation dilemma:inbound vs. outbound

Inbound or Outbound? Deciding On the Best Marketing Strategy for Your Company

Inbound marketing has transformed the way businesses use the internet, but more familiar outbound strategies still have their place. For businesses trying to generate quality leads and build sustainable growth consistently, knowing which strategy will maximize return on investment is vital. The truth is that a mixture of both is usually best, but how that […]

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Lead Generation Determine Success of SAAS Companies

Marketing and Lead Generation Strategies for SAAS companies Software as a Service (SaaS) is a popular implementation of business management software and is widely used by consumers. SASS model represents lower month-to-month costs, which allow organizations to have access to powerful software without  a large up-front investment. Prospect Solutions’ Vtiger CRM is a good example of […]

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What is your Marketing and Lead Generation Maturity Score?

  What is Your marketing Maturity Score   I’ve been a marketing strategist and a campaign manager for over 100 B2B clients and owning a Canadian based lead generation agency for over 13 years. Utilizing this experience, my team and I have developed a marketing and lead generation scoring system for each of our prospects […]