Lead Generation 2018: Telemarketing or LinkedIn?

Internet has clearly established itself as the preferred channel for outbound lead generation 2018. However, proactive outbound marketing is still very important for new customer acquisition and revenue generation. Internet generates the best results when outbound lead generation takes part in a multi-channel integrated marketing strategy.

Here are some promising trends to help your company keep up with the latest tactics of lead generation in 2018.


There are still a lot of business executives out there, who conduct business transactions and negotiations over the phone. Many industries such as retail, hospitality and construction are best reached over the phone. These small business owners and employees rely on the phone as a preferred communication tool to conduct business.

This type of businesses would not respond if reached through social media channels, as they do not use internet for direct communication with their customers. They also often lack knowledge on how to use social media for business communication and marketing.

Even if you are already using email and social media, telemarketing is an ideal tool to add to your list for outbound lead generation to reach this type of audience.


LinkedIn is a great way to connect with potential customers. Almost every business professional has a LinkedIn profile and is active with their professional networks. Unlike telemarketing and email, LinkedIn invitations and messages are delivered, read and taken into consideration. Good quality LinkedIn marketing brings the best results for many social media prospectors.

In addition, LinkedIn offers a lot of exposure for business executives, allowing them to  participate in discussions, share newsworthy content and view who’s been looking at their profile. Reaching out to executives at the right moment, can even result in them buying your company’s product or service.


Choose the right channel based on your target market and its communication preferences. If your target market is comfortable in the digital age, connect and engage with them on LinkedIn, Facebook or other online platforms. If they are not –  use more traditional means, such as telemarketing, in order to reach them.