SEO Strategy is Still Worth The Investment

With the rise of niche mobile apps and social media sites comes an increased market share of online searches that are happening on mediums other than Google. Some business owners and entrepreneurs may see this trend and wonder if an SEO strategy is still worth the investment.

But SEO tactics are just as important as ever before. Here are four key reasons why your business still needs an SEO strategy:

Search Engine Optimization Strategies are Still Relevant

Although Google’s algorithm continues to evolve to accommodate the latest trends in technology, its basic principles remain the same. Regardless of how searching patterns change over time, keywords are still relied upon to determine the outcome of just about any search.

SEO is Economical

SEO strategy can be considered more of an investment than an expense. But aside from that, it can be more cost effective than more expensive marketing options such as pay-per-click ads or paid email campaigns. With a little study, you can even develop SEO skills on your own! And while there are certainly benefits to some of these more expensive forms of marketing, you can rely on an SEO strategy as the foundation of your marketing efforts to deliver long term results.

SEO Strategy Provides Exclusive Insight

Google Analytics offers you unique insight into your customers. The traffic that is generated through SEO is trackable through a tool called Google Analytics. The tool can give you a ton of information about your customers – everything from how they’re searching or browsing to the types of technology they use and when. Compiling this information about your customers can help you identify new solutions and strategies for attracting even more business!

SEO Strategy Lends your Business Credibility

Getting recognized by search engines builds your brand and garners customer’s trust in your provisions. Searchers also trust Google; if your page makes their top ranking, they trust that it has directed them to the best option for what they’re looking for!


Studies show that provided your website combines quality content with strategic SEO practices, your website will achieve more visibility and traffic. Although online marketing strategies are ever-evolving and changing, an SEO strategy is just as important as ever in securing your customer base, establishing your brand, and generating new leads to your business.