At Prospect Solutions, we believe understanding our client’s concerns completely, is essential to staying competitive. We help business owners to generate actionable opportunities through a consistent and sustainable flow of new prospects’ meetings. Our focus is to deliver client satisfaction by exceeding expectations. Our clients benefit from our expertise so they can be free to focus on their core businesses. This, in turn, increases competitive value, as appointment setting through telemarketing is a real-time solution to answering prospective customer questions, addressing concerns, and breaking down the barriers of negative first impressions. We have researched and implemented the best telemarketing and sales technique to generate better quality appointments for our customers:

  • Our business development representatives take the time to understand our client’s business case, process and target market in order to communicate it effectively to C-Level Decision-makers.
  • Based on your industry, we select the one or several most effective lead generation channels to reach their Decision-makers; B2B telemarketing, business networking, door to door prospecting, social media, old lead’s engagement, and existing customer referrals.
  • Starting from the introductory appointment, we advance our customers’ business development through our executive sales outsourcing to needs discovery and qualification meeting, proposal building and presentation, and executive follow up.

Appointment Setting Channels:

Professional Telemarketing

Because we know the success of outbound telemarketing largely depends on the quality of the prospecting list, the offer communicated and ability of the caller to communicate clearly and intelligently, we proactively approach decision-makers based on preselected criteria such as industry, size of the company and geography.

Cold calling or outbound telemarketing has been and still remains one of the most popular lead generation strategies in business development. This approach allows us to generate large quantities of introductions on your behalf, collect valuable marketing information and book appointments with qualified prospects.

Old Leads Re-Engagement

Recreating relationships with previous prospects is one of the most effective and results-generating approaches that we use. Our representatives will be acting as an extension of your company and contacting disengaged prospects on your behalf in order to book quality appointments. We use telephone, social media and email to re-engage your old prospects.

Door To Door Prospecting

Similar to telemarketing, Door to Door prospecting is applied when there is a need to engage a localized segment of the market. The best example of a Door to Door appointment setting application would be walking the territory covered by a printing or janitorial company in order to engage local or neighboring businesses.

A Prospect Solutions representative will visit a specified number of businesses in your target area, introduce themselves as a member of your organization, drop off your company information, book
an appointment for your sales team, or schedule a follow-up call to book appointment later.

Business Networking

Creating relationships with your business community by attending networking events and groups of your choice with the purpose to introduce your company, qualify the prospect and book an introductory appointment for you or a member of your team. Our Business Networking services include event selection, active participation, reporting, data entry, social media engagement, email and telephone follow-up.

Social Media

Sourcing and locating decision-decision-makers makers via Social Media channels and contacting them via group discussion, messaging, email, phone in order to book an appointment for your sales representative. This channel is very effective for engaging and booking quality appointment with high level of decision-makers, who are difficult to reach by other lead generation strategies.