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prospect_solutionsIn the 11 years that I’ve run a B2B telemarketing company I have always been looking for solutions that get better results for my clients. Experience has taught me that the most successful telemarketing campaigns need to be well planned and well executed. A telemarketing project needs to be supervised, managed and monitored by a professional business development manager. I stress the word ” professional” because many business owners are doing sales and closing deals, but they are not good candidates for a telemarketing project management position. They are wearing many hats, and most of the time they are ” jacks of all trades” for their business. To make marketing successful you need to have someone who is allocating their time and uses it 100% for business development activities such as planning, managing and evaluating the success of the telemarketing program. On top of this, a business development manager has to make sure that 100% of leads have been qualified, recorded and followed up with multiple marketing activities, like events, email and social media.

Telemarketing and sales activities are different and they each bring different results. Sales produces revenue, telemarketing produces qualified leads. Unfortunately, often times companies do not optimally utilize those leads. They scoop the cream; prospects who are likely to buy right now, and they abandon the rest.

At Prospect Solutions we urge our clients to scope the project in a smart way: Allocate time between the business development manager and the lead generation team to work together. We always suggest to our clients a scenario where we provide an outsourced business development manager for each project. The work is performed at our customer’s location on a weekly basis during the allocated time.

Working together with our customer’s team business development managers, design strategies, research and compiled lists, we build micro campaigns with customized targets and scripts and follow up leads using multiple marketing channels. They also define and monitor Key Performance Indicators (KPI) to ensure maximum Return On Investment.

This approach is making business development campaigns  successful and saving money and time on hiring, training and maintaining their internal sales force.