We believe that Business Networking Lead Generation is a critical part of lead generation strategy and sales. Our goal is to start and maintain powerful contacts and business relationships within your business communities and industry associations. 

  • We represent your company with the most powerful business networking organizations and events where you are most likely to meet your prospecting customers.
  • We build and maintain the database of your networking contacts for future marketing activities, such as email, webinar and event marketing.
  • We follow up with prospects through telemarketing and social media.
  • We arrange presentations and book appointments for you to meet them, as they are ready to buy. 

Our representative, a professional Business Development specialist will attend pre-selected networking events, such as: 

  • Board of Trade (Burnaby, Vancouver, Surrey)
  • Chamber of Commerce
  • Meetups
  • BNI
  • Focused Networking
  • High Output  Business Networking
  • Industry related association (MCABC, BOMA, BCAMA, VRCA and many others)

Please contact us for a free consultation: