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SM_DSC5832I was attending a friends and family open house at D-wave systems. D-wave is a small company from Burnaby BC that was able to accomplish a task that big institutions with huge budgets and resources could not: to design and manufacture the first quantum computer ever. An amazing team of scientists, engineers, software developers and business professionals are changing the world of computing and potentially our understanding of life and universe.
Being a professional marketer and b2b telemarketing manager I was asking myself a rhetorical question – can a supercomputer be marketed by a b2b telemarketing campaign? And what other marketing avenues could be used to market this product to potential customers, such as NASA, Ministry of Defence and Google.
As strange as it sounds, I believe that b2b telemarketing can and will help to generate leads and potentially sell this amazing product. How would we approach this?
Step 1. We have to define the target market. We have to design a campaign that will connect us with potential companies who can afford to buy this amazing product and would benefit from ownership.
Step 2. Aqure or design a database of potential customers. In this particular situation we would probably hire a research company to do that.
Step 3. Design a solid business case which could be presented to decision makers to make them excited about the opportunity, show the ROI and present them with a framework to work within.
Step 3. Contact our database of prospects to gather marketing intelligence and to identify decision makers (individuals or departments).
Step 4: Work closely with D Wave’s sales and marketing team to integrate our B2b telemarketing with other marketing efforts such as conferences, trade shows, press releases and blogs. Design a multitude of B2b telemarketing mini campaigns where we can reach the Decision Makers and keep communications open.
I believe that intelligent human communication such as a well designed and executed B2b telemarketing campaign combined with the best telecommunication technology and CRM can and would help to market and sell super computers. The important part is to build it right from the beginning and through to the completion of every step toward success by either hiring a professional, experienced and technologically equipped  b2b telemarketing firm or building a lead generation team in house.