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Why Hire Cold Calling Professionals?

As a business owner and a salesperson you take great pride in your business and love to sell. Most people like to sell to people who are interested in buying. This is human nature; we love to speak to people who are interested in what we say and do. However, when it comes to a real business situation, we first need to find people who want to listen to our presentation. Getting qualified prospects is one of the major challenges for any business person; for three major reasons:

Prospecting and Sales: Different Set of Skills

1. Prospecting and sales each require a different set of skills. Cold calling either on the phone or in person (door to door) requires consistency, abstract thinking, patience, persistence, telemarketing training, and other prospecting-related skills and personality traits apart from professional sellers. Professional sales is about qualifying the prospect and presenting a solution. It requires professional consultative selling training, product and competition knowledge, presentation skills, listening skills and many other professional sales-related skills.

2. If you are in the position of the executive sales person, you should never prospect by yourself because it puts you into a position not equal with the buyer. This will prevent you and the buyer from forming a business bond, which is a requirement of long-term profitable business relationships.

3. Prospecting will take time off servicing your clients and generating revenue for your company. Your experience, training, industry knowledge and product knowledge are your company’s most valuable assets in you. These skills need to be used to generate revenue by being in constant contact with pre- qualified buyers and existing customers. Your skills and your professional knowledge need to be constantly upgraded by continued learning, thinking and exploring.

Today, cold calling professionals and lead generators requires extensive market knowledge, professional skills, winning strategies and effective management. Outsourcing is becoming the most efficient and cost-effective way to grow a business and supply a sales team with a consistent flow of qualified prospects.