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I recently started to encourage my prospects and clients to get a quality video introduction for their lead generation campaigns.

In today’s market we are all competing for the prospect’s attention. We are all experiencing information overload and we only invest our time in messages which are relevant to our current wants and needs. This is why an email message with a  link  to a quality video presentation becomes one of the most important lead generation tools available for marketers.

Professional telemarketing lead generation campaigns equipped with a quality video presentation ensure a higher probability that the message will be noticed and remembered by the decision maker.

Modern email tracking tools allow marketers to track the message deliverability and provide information on whether the email was read and if a link was clicked. With a quality 45 second video presentation, the prospect is the further qualified to move up or down in the sales funnel.

If you were to ask me – what is wrong with the traditional pdf attachment? I would say timing. If it takes too long to read the attachment, we’ll lose the momentum toward getting the prospect’s attention. Remember, we proactively approached the prospect; we interrupted their day with a telemarketing call, and it is our job to make it easy for him or her to get our message.

Professional telemarketing lead generation remains one of the most effective prospecting tools for B2B marketers. It is costly, and if you choose to invest money  do it right. Get the most out of your telemarketing- generate appointments, collect marketing intelligence, build databases of qualified prospects. And again and again I’m saying to my prospects and customers; do not expect miracles. Business development takes time, effort and money, so do it right or don’t do it at all.