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telemarketing tiredHave you ever received a telemarketing call? Did it make you angry that people would disturb your dinner or your day at work?
We do not like any intrusion of our privacy and dislike marketing and advertising in general. We live in a society where supply exceeds demand, and this makes us the fortunate recipients of the best service and the best quality products. But the downside of this developed society is that it is very difficult for businesses in competing for your attention.
If we are in business, not only do we need to provide exceptional quality to our customers, but we have to compete for our customers’ attention. We need to be known and noticed. We need to deliver our value proposition to our target market in order to sustain and grow our companies and provide jobs for our employees.
Marketing is hard, marketing is expensive. It does not often result in a timely Return On Investment. There is a lot of cost-related pressure on business owners, sales people and marketers.
Today, businesses need to expand their approach to traditional marketing and use multiple channels to generate leads and sales appointments. Sales Staff Outsourcing and Appointment Setting Outsourcing services are a good solution to reduce costs, increase flexibility and allow leveraging of internal and external sales and marketing efforts.
Sales outsourcing companies employed the best telemarketing, business development and executive sales talent to help their clients grow their businesses faster. They provide talented and motivated representatives who generate sales appointments through multiple activities such as cold calling, business networking, social media, stale lead re- engagement and door-to-door prospecting. They also facilitate executive sales representatives and business development managers in cultivating new prospects using the sales process.
If you are a business owner or are someone who is in a position to affect your company’s business success, try to learn from that telemarketer instead of rejecting her right away. What are they doing right? What are they doing wrong and what opportunities they are missing? How clear is their conversation? How could they improve it in order to get your attention?