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Telemarketing Lead Generation, Appointment Setting and Sales Staff Outsourcing Services.

Businesses need a sufficient and steady input of qualified leads to support a consistent profit margin and grow revenue.

It requires salespeople experienced in the industry with advanced sales and prospecting skills, connections and abilities to qualify, capture and nurture prospective customers.

These sales people are expensive and hard to find. Even after finding them, many business owners get tired of hiring and training sales people only to see them leave. Sound familiar?

Prospect Solutions helps business owners generate sales opportunities, so they can increase revenue.

Prospect Solutions is one of the most recognized and effective lead generation and sales outsourcing companies in Canada. Based in Vancouver, BC and serving both local and international companies, we offer professional lead generation and develop customized marketing programs to effectively approach, influence, sell and obtain referrals for our clients.

What can Prospect Solutions do for your business? Grow it. We act as a virtual extension of your sales and marketing team and specialize in professional sales staff outsourcing through multiple business development channels. Our diverse range of lead generation and sales services allow our clients to save time and money, while reaching their best customers faster.

Professional telemarketing services can generate more leads for your business. Do you and/or your salespeople dread prospecting and cold-calling? Do you struggle to find the time and resources to follow-up on valuable leads? Is your current prospect follow-up consistent and timely, or are you too late and losing opportunities?


Our clients want effective marketing strategies that increase sales and reduce costs. We design and implement results-driven lead generation programs for them that are aligned with their goals and marketing budgets.
– Ekaterina Sytcheva, CEO, Prospect Solutions


Prospect Solutions delivers intelligent and customized lead generation programs for companies in software, telecom, consulting, human resources and business services industries.

Our current and previous clients include Value Added Resellers and brokers and representatives of leading Fortune 500 companies, including Microsoft, HP, Microsoft Business Solutions, Investors Group, Sunlife and many others. Outcomes delivered to our clients include: significant increases in sales opportunities, measurable business growth and substantial cost reduction.

Prospect Solutions Outsourced Sales and Lead Generation Services are available to companies expanding their businesses into Canada and the United States.

Our team is goal oriented and focuses on getting results.


Telemarketing Lead Generation and Appointment Setting

We will set appointments while you focus on what's important.

Social Media Lead Generation Marketing

We will generate word of mouth and referral business for your firm.

Sales Staff Outsourcing

Find out how sales outsourcing can help your business grow.


Curious to find out what we could do for your business?

Call to book your free, 1-hour consultation. Together, we will:

Define your ideal prospect Identify your best sources and strategies to reach them Develop a motivating offer
Craft your unique value proposition communication guidelines and strategies
Design your Sales Closing & Follow-Up Strategy

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