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The New Role of Social Media in Outbound Marketing Lead Generation

(Or How I got more dates applying modern B2B Outbound Marketing and Lead Generation strategy )

Being single in my fifties, I used to dread the dating scene. You see, to look for a date, was like mainstream marketing.  It meant striving for a massive number of leads.  More leads means more interviews, then more appointments and then more meetings and more sales.  Dating-marketing was hours of on-line introductions, back and forth conversations, rigid job interview-type of meetings and finally, maybe just maybe a date or two.

Tiring. Expensive. Frustrating.

Then a marketing expert explained the “Diverse and Amplify” lead generation approach to me.  To reach a potential client, she prospected through MULTIPLE activities such as strategy, research, social media, telemarketing, content marketing and SEO.

I let that sink in, used it and got more dates three times as quickly as the previous method.  So, let’s take a closer look how applying multiple marketing channels took me from zero to hero in the dating scene.

Social Media Lead Generation:

Social media in particular, like Linked-In and Facebook in a typical B2B situation would enable me to take more control over the process through bypassing gatekeepers and reaching the decision makers.

To make a parallel with my dating lead generation, I used my Facebook  account to reach influencers, groups, conversations and events. I used LinkedIn to follow relevant companies, such as dating services to connect with their connections and expand my pool of leads.

Lead Generation by Networking:

In business to business networking allow us to connect with our prospects by meeting them face to face in casual, but business minded atmosphere, such as Chamber of Commerce, Board of Trade and other business related networking organizations.

I figured that the best way to network for me would be to join Meetups where singles with interests similar to mine are hanging out. I joined dance classes and a running club.  I evaluated each event to insure that my business, networking strategy is effective.  Running was best for meeting fit women on Tuesdays.  Swing dancing lessons were more lively and fun than Latin dancing.   Private dance parties were less expensive and way more fun than public night clubs. It was non-threatening, non-commital.

Telemarketing Lead Generation:

This part was terrifying. It meant that I have to expose myself to rejection. And unlike business to business marketing, I could not outsource it to Prospect Solutions. I had to do it by MYSELF. But because my calls were warm and the script well thought, engaging and full of jokes, which I prepared in advanced I hit the jackpot. I got lots of appointments (dates with beautiful, smart and amazing women).

So, I diversified my efforts and focused what brought me closer to the “decision makers” of the dating scene.  Within a week, I was actually getting somewhere.  I have had to say “no” on some occaisions.

By engaging people more, I was enjoying myself and subtly picking up more leads like introductions and phone numbers.  The high volume, on-line searching approach took well over 20  hours per week with a few meetings.  The Diverse and Amplify approach of Outbound marketing took less than eight hours per week, included activities and was far more fun and productive.

DC Setter, BSc.)

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