lead generation
When it comes to marketing and lead generation, business owners and managers have to make hard decisions on how to allocate their marketing budgets.

With internet-age marketing, it is very easy to lose yourself in a wide variety of options such as: Web site, SEO, LinkedIn prospecting, Adwords, email campaigns, Facebook advertisement, business networking and telemarketing. I’m not even mentioning TV and Radio advertisement, YouTube ads, print, flyers, coupons and much more.

inbound vs outbound lead generation

Let’s take a closer look at what Inbound and Outbound marketing activities are and how we can execute them:

Inbound Marketing includes:

Website design, strategic content writing, web site navigation, developing email databases, SEO. Analytics, Landing pages and Adwords (Facebook and Google).

Outbound Marketing includes:

Email, Telemarketing, LinkedIn Connecting and messaging, interraptive ads (TV, Youtube ads, Pop-ups) and Direct mail.

There is no one-size-fits-all solution in designing a marketing strategy and allocating budgets. Even though everyone likes inbound leads,the business reality is that inbound leads are never enough to sustain most business operations. The majority of B2B decision-makers go online only if they don’t have other options. We like to buy from people we know, whom we trust, and who took the effort to get to know us at the time when we may not have even needed their products.

This is why, despite all the marketing noise, we still need Salespeople and marketers to do prospecting. Outbound marketing is hard on people; hard on us, but we need to continue picking up that phone over and over again and connecting to decision makers. I would like to stress “connecting” versus “talking” to decision-makers. People hate to be interrupted and spoken to, but they appreciate when other people genially try to connect and build relationships with them. The success of marketing is in the mindset of the beholder.
I believe that marketing strategy is only successful when inbound and outbound activities work together. In order to get prospective buyers to notice, get to know, trust and buy from us we need to approach them in a human and professional manner. My company has been helping business owners with marketing and telemarketing since 2003, and we have learned that the success of any campaign depends on the mindset of the decision maker. If expectations of the customer are linear and unrealistic, the campaign cannot meet expectations. If our clients want to work together with us, together we will win.

My company, Prospect Solutions, specializes in the design and implementation of integrated marketing strategy, based on each of our clients’ unique history, culture and budget. We come to companies and become an addition to and extension of their marketing and sales forces. We do not work FOR our clients, we work WITH our clients. Do you want to know if we can help you? Lets connect and find out….