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As we leave 2014 and holidays behind, we move into the exciting and unknown year of 2015. In despite of fluid stock markets, dropping oil prices and all instability in the outside world, I believe that 2015 will be the year of small business growth in Canada. Over the years of investment in oil and gas markets, the economy is turning and we need to act fast to take advantage of the situation.

After the years of recession and over-marketing, decision makers have time to listen what we have to offer. They want to hear from us, but they do not want to be spammed and annoyed with all manner of robotic direct marketing approaches. They expect intelligent and meaningful conversation with people who can relate to them on many levels, people who understand them and who have value to communicate and offer.

This is why is it very important to select the right company to do your prospecting. Here are the major points to consider when selecting a prospecting company:


  1. Experience. Does this company have a business development history and experience in your particular city, country and industry? Understanding your business and your prospect’s business in depth takes time and effort. If the company has years of experience talking to your decision-makers and understands the culture and buying patterns of your prospects and customers, they will be able to communicate your message effectively and get results.
  2. Wisdom. How many years has the company been in business? What is the age, experience, qualification and motivation of their employees? Do they treat their employees right; so that people stay with them. People are the greatest asset for any marketing company. They accumulate the wisdom, knowledge and experience of the marketplace and if they retain their good people, it is there for you to use and benefit from.
  3. Care. How much do they care? Are they genuinely interested in learning about your business, or do they just ” do the work” and “crunch the hours?”
  4. Does the strategy they offer result in a “win- win” outcome or is it a ” I win, and you may be getting something” type of approach? Does their program directly correlate with your success and profit, or are they “one- sided” service providers?


At Prospect Solutions our customers benefit from years of local experience in B2B prospecting and a mature team of business development managers and inside sales professionals working hard to deliver results. Our programs are based on a ” no result-no pay” scenario to insure that our customers get benefits first. Please visit our website and request a free business development strategy consultation and let us help you boost your business in 2015.


Have a happy and prosperous New Year!

Ekaterina Sytcheva


Prospect Solutions Inc.