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A warm, personal referral is the greatest gift that a sales or marketing professional can receive. A Harvard Business School study demonstrated that the single most important reason why people refer someone else is because they like the person they are referring – and a person likes someone when a positive relationship is established and they realize that you care for and appreciate them. Our objective, therefore, is to increase your referrals through a variety of channel strategies and programs:



Referral business is one of the most valuable sources of new business.

Business Networking

Business Networking is expensive, time consuming and personally challenging for many business owners who focus primarily on results and either to sell their product or services. Business Networking requires a lot of professional sales and marketing skills, patience and effective lead management and follow up system.

Past Customer Re-engagement

Your customers are the best source of referrals for your business. We will re-engage them through an efficient referral program, which include customer appreciation events, booking get back in touch appointments, email and social media.

Social Media

Social media networks such as LinkedIn and Facebook are great tools to stay in touch with people and connect personally and professionally. According to a 2010 Syncapse white paper titled, Value of Facebook fan: An Empirical Review,” a Facebook fan is more likely to recommend a product to his friends and family that the non-fan.” Considering that the average Facebook user has 130 friends and approximately 80 community connections according to a 2011 report from the Stanford University School of Business, one Facebook fan represents the ability for mass referrals through a single post “like.”
Prospect Solutions representatives will increase your referrals through a variety of social media approaches; company pages, tweets and sharing valuable information with friends and fans.

Existing Customers Referral Program:

Happy customers refer others to your business. Referral Marketing can be a very cost effective tool because you pay a small dividend only when the business comes in. Prospect Solutions representatives will re-connect with your customers, forging a more personal relationship and strengthening your connections. We will also implement an effective referral management program and educate your customers on how they can benefit from it.