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Lead Generator

Are you a small business owner and looking to increase the number of  qualified prospects interested to your product or service? The first thing that comes to mind is to place an ad on a job board and hire a sales person. Before you do this, think twice. Do you really trust someone to sell for you? Would you allow someone to make mistakes in their presentation or strategy and lose a prospect who is genuinely interested in buying? Well, if you hesitate to answer for more than a few seconds, you do not need a sales person – you need a professional lead generation specialist.

What’s the difference? If you are a business owner, then the probability that you are the best sales person for your product is very high. For someone new to come aboard and attain your level of knowledge and passion for  your business may take months or years, and the cost of acquiring such talent will be exceptionally high. On the other hand, sales people are not best suited to do hardcore prospecting, they want to have a stream of qualified prospects from marketing, just as you would want for yourself.
A Professional Lead Generation specialist, on the other hand, is not a sales person. Their goal is to promote your business and ensure a constant intake of qualified prospects for your sales organization. Lead Generators do not conduct sales presentations, they qualify, engage, and nurture prospects until they are ready to buy. And they do it consistently and systematically, according to the strategy you have created for them.
What are lead generation activities? With modern marketing, there is no silver bullet solution to lead generation. Lead Generation is not a numbers game or linear approach, as it was not so long ago. Lead generation includes a number of planned and repeated activities, such as marketing automation technology, internet marketing, professional telemarketing, business networking, social media, referral marketing and more.
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