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What is Lead Generation exactly?

Lead generation is the process in which you convert cold prospects into warm leads, which done the right way, will turn your many of your warm leads into sales.

So the question is, what is an effective solution that will allow you to convert successfully? There are a number of methods that will allow you to do just that. Many companies will utilize only one avenue with little to no success, move onto another avenue, without seeing the bigger picture, receiving little to no success. What the ultimate goal for any company’s growth needs to be, is to get the word out their prospective customers by utilizing an Integrated Marketing Approach.

If there is a synergy, and balance of Inbound, and Outbound marketing activities being properly integrated into your company’s outreach to potential new clients, you will find you will receive a much more successful marketing design that will work continue to work over, and over again.

In the marketing and sales industry this is what we call “Rinse and repeat”. It is a method in which you find an effective strategy, and continue to utilize this strategy repeatedly. This method will lead your company into a continuous cycle which will see both short, and long term growth. More importantly you will see more repeat customers, referrals by word of mouth, and customers who are regularly seeking out what you offer.

When deciding on what marketing solutions are going to work for your company, there are a number of effective approaches one can take. For example;

       Inbound Lead Generation Activities:

  • Website Design
  • SEO
  • Content Creation/Blogging/Newsletter Writing
  • Social Media
  • Newsletter Writing
  • Managing and Follow Up
  • CRM Management
  • Content Management


      Outbound Lead Generation Activities:

  • Telemarketing / Appointment Setting
  • Social Media and Google Research
  • Social Media Prospect List Building
  • Social Media Prospecting and Follow Up
  • Prospect Monitoring and Follow Up


It can all seem very overwhelming when you see all the things that can be done for your business to increase your customer base. The first three questions that come to most business owners minds’ is “How much is this going to cost me?” “Who am I going to hire?”, and finally “What ones are going to work for my company?”

We can address all three questions at the same time.  Many companies are on a budget, and need to ensure that their marketing dollars are going to really work for them. When you are seeking to increase revenue, no one wants to throw money out the window. If you outsource your marketing needs to various individuals you are going to find that you are going to spend a lot more money than need be. It can be more cost effective to search for a company that can provide all of the marketing solutions that will yield your company successful results. A good Lead Generation company will be able to analyze all the data that you provide them, and come up with the best plan for attack both for both your short and long term goals. Their goal is to be able to provide you with an effective marketing solution at a price that you will keep you within your marketing budget.