Many firms would blanch at the idea of outsourcing a sales force. After all, this is a major part of your business operations, responsible for lead generation and nailing down new clientele. Why would you want to sacrifice control over this all-important aspect of your functions? The truth is, there are many reasons why you might want to outsource either part or all of your sales force. Let’s look at a few of these reasons.

The Major Benefits

There are quite a few benefits to outsourcing sales functions. Some companies have found that undertaking this shift enables them to achieve greater speed to market, shift focus to research and development of new products, engage in hiring and firing cost risk management, or because they feel that sales is not actually one of their company’s core functions.

The Major Decision

Moving part or all of your sales operations out of house is certainly a major decision. The most core aspect of this decision is finding an outsourcing company who will match your goals, values and ethics as a business. You want an outsourcing firm who will become an important partner in your functions, who will have a broad reach and who will not require a great deal of oversight or micromanagement.

Remember, by partnering with an outside firm, you are creating a relationship and a partnership. In many ways this becomes a marriage. You will be tied to this decision for a long time. Be sure that you get it right.

Growth with Little Risk 

While taking this step is not for everyone, it can provide a lot of benefits for those who feel that it is right. You can have more sales opportunities than you can reasonably handle in-house. Out-of-house partnerships can provide incredible growth for your company, allowing you to manage and create a stellar internal team.

The Outsourcing Questionnaire

When deciding whether it’s a good idea to allow another company to handle some or all of your sales force activities, you should ask yourself a number of questions to determine if you are making the right step.

  • Would you be better served to focus on product and service development?
  • Are sales a core part of your business?
  • Do you need expertise in targeting underserved regions?
  • Are you losing money in lead generation and client acquisition?
  • Is your lead generation non-optimal, and could it be better sharpened by someone out of house?
  • Does your sales process need more efficient and effective management?
  • Are your sales potentials outstripping your in-house team’s ability to manage them?
  • Is your HR department experiencing issues with risk management associated with hiring and employment?
  • Is your sales environment less than optimal?
  • Do you spend a great deal of time researching reporting management or sales chain information?

If your answer to many (or even any) of these questions is, “yes,” you may want to consider outsourcing your services. If you think outsourcing sales operations is right for you, give us a call today.