About Prospect Solutions

We are a diverse team of lead generation and marketing professionals.

We are a dynamic team of marketers and lead generators who help you create sales opportunities to increase your revenue

As a lead generation team, we bring over 14 years experience in business to business marketing – connecting you with future customers. Our clients are looking to implement effective, measurable, and affordable lead generation and outsourced marketing programs. We work with small and medium sized organizations to design modern, result-driven, integrated marketing programs tailored to clients’ budgets.

Recognized for effective lead generation, Prospect Solutions has worked with representatives of Fortune 500 companies including Microsoft and HP, Microsoft Business Solutions, Investors Group, Sun Life and other recognized brands.  Our clients come from various industries including manufacturing, distribution, software, telecom, and financial services.  Together with our clients, we achieve sustainable increase in sales, business development, and cost reduction.

Our History:

Prospect Solutions Inc. was founded in September 2003, as a boutique lead generation firm, in Vancouver, Canada. Since then, we have grown into a full-service integrated marketing and lead generation team. Our telemarketing programs have advanced to both digital and traditional marketing solutions to serve the needs of small and medium size companies, in Canada and the United States. Today, we provide a multitude of marketing services: consulting, prospecting, internet and email marketing, content development, CRM, and social media services. To achieve the highest results, we emphasize on seamless project management tactics and processes for our clients’ marketing campaigns.

“Last week I met with Phil Proctor of Clear Concepts and here is what he said about you, “she is persistent, she is professional, she is pleasant, she comes across prepared, but not canned; I’m also in a sales business and I like that about her”. Congratulations on doing a great job for SHF!!!

Simon Herber

Principal, Simon Herbert Financial Services

“Since starting our business relationship with Prospect Solutions, we have been very happy with the leads generated. The excellent quality of appointments has resulted in numerous new clients and solid call-backs. We would recommend their services to whomever needs new business”

Gregory Whelton

Group Benefits Consultant, Whelton Insurance

Our Teams:

We have custom tailored professional teams to help you focus on every aspect of your marketing.

Strategic Marketing

Our marketing consultants are senior Prospect Solutions employees experienced in marketing strategy development and implementation. They have learned from victories and mistakes while managing hundreds of lead generation campaigns for our clients.


Our prospecting team includes high profile lead generators who proactively reach out and connect you to your future customers. We pre-qualify decision makers in your target industry and begin the meaningful conversations, ultimately leading to appointments and sales. We assign lead generators with your industry experience to reach decision makers via email, social media and telemarketing.

Content Development

In modern marketing, content development is imperative. Whether we are developing your website or writing a blog, we strive to produce powerful and engaging content for your readers and visitors. Our content development team consists of professional writers and graphic designers, carefully selected to match your style and requirements.

Internet Marketing

Our internet marketing team is composed of website designers, web analytics professionals, SEO specialists, internet advertisers, and social media developers. Their goal is to ensure and monitor the constant stream of qualified visitors and inbound leads from your website and social media platforms.

Technology & CRM

For marketing campaigns to run efficiently, it is important that proper tools are in place to track progress and monitor Key Performance Indicators. Our marketing technology team of IT networking specialists, software developers, CRM consultants and trainers guarantee advanced marketing automation for your company.

Project Management

To achieve maximum return on investment, we follow strategic project management guidelines. Our project managers ensure that all activities are completed on time and on budget.

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