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At Prospect Solutions we help our clients to install, implement and support open source, licencing free CRM software –Vtiger CRM system. Vtiger CRM is a popular cloud based open source software application. Unlike commercial software application users, Vtiger users are not obligated to pay expensive user licensing fees.

CRM Software Benefits

CRM systems bring enormous improvement to business process efficiency and Return on Investment. With visibility of data, CRM users can easily monitor KPIs. CRM programs increase sales, improve quality, and reduce cost. CRM tracks transactions and documents customers’ interactions, ultimately leading to advanced customer service.


Prospect Solutions’ CRM consultants help our clients to map their business process and match it with the CRM system. We produce project scopes and define your CRM implementation budget. We work together with your team to prepare your infrastructure and navigate you through the project.


Prospect Solutions IT and server specialists help our clients to download Vtiger, obtain hosting and configure the software to their unique needs.


A new CRM system affects many areas of the business, bringing new business structure and streamline processes. It takes time and effort for people to learn and understand new software. Our consultants will help your staff to make the transition easier.


We are here to support your new system as long as you need us. We will resolve any technical or process related issues.

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