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Crowdfunding Your Dream


Recently, Prospect Solutions has been helping one of its satellite companies, Study in Canada, to streamline their marketing and CRM activity. Throughout this project, we came to realize that many youngest and brightest citizens of our planet don’t know what modern marketing can do for them.

Study in Canada’s young potential candidates are university students and advanced programs’ graduates, who are dreaming to come study in Canada. Furthermore, these students want to improve their lives and their countries’ political and economic situations. They are the future of the world. Surprisingly, most of them are University Graduates with Honor, proficient in English and other foreign languages and they are the most intelligent, diverse and educated young professionals and scientists. However, the common problem they are all facing is the lack of money to fund their education in Canada.

One option they do not consider is directly relating to one of the modern marketing strategies – Crowdfunding. In this article, we will discuss how Crowdfunding campaigns can help international students to study abroad.

According to Wikipedia “Crowdfunding is the practice of funding a project or venture by raising small amounts of money from other people, typically via the Internet. Crowdfunding is a form of crowdsourcing and of alternative finance.

Prospect Solutions helps Canadian small business owners and entrepreneurs with planning, launching and executing multichannel marketing strategies. We would like to share our vision on how to create a successful crowdfunding campaign for an international student going to study to Canada.

Tell Your Story

First, think about your passions and ideas and how studying in Canada can help you to help to your country and to the world. Are you a teacher, young doctor or engineer? What will you learn to help your country? Maybe, open a new school with a progressive and modern educational curriculum? Start a new medical clinic, or a medical research project? Start a new company which will help people in your country to enhance their lives with technology? These are just a few ideas.

In addition, tell the world about yourself, your family, your history, your country and your everyday life. People will appreciate knowing you to invest in you. Make new friends with your investors, inspire them with your cause and your ideas.

Put your Story in a Video

Unlike common misconception, creating a good video does not necessary require expensive resources. If you have access to a studio – great! If not- find a room with good lighting, secure your phone, camera or tablet with a tripod, or anything else so the devise is not moving and shacking, get a microphone close to your mouth (no noise in between your mouth and your camera) and start filming.

Furthermore, watch your video over and over and film again and again. Repeat it, until, until you perfect it!

Reward Your Investors

Rewarding and thanking people for investing with you is nice and will help to your cause. What can you do for them? A consultation, diagnostics, free/discounted membership with your new service, free counselling or skills training at your future sponsors event.

The options are limitless.

Choose the Right Crowdfunding Platform

There are several major platforms for running your Crowdfunding campaign. They are all different. For example, Kickstarter will make you set the limit for your funding and if you do not reach your goal – they will keep all your money. It is All-in or Nothing model. Other platforms will charge you a fee or commissions. Do your research and choose carefully.

Promote Your Campaign

Whichever options are available to you, use them to promote your campaign. You may get on the phone and talk to people, or advertise on Facebook, VKontakte, Odnoklassiniki or a Telegram. Have access to email list? Launch an email campaign for your video.  Or organize a fundraising event in your community.

Find a Good Educational Agency in Canada

Finally, tell your investors that their money will not go in vain. Partner with a good agency in Canada to choose the right program and school for your cause.  Be open with them that in an unlikely event of not getting your visa, you will return the money, or donate it to your favorable cause in your country-supporting an orphanage, a hospital, or a research project.

In conclusion, we would like to encourage you not to give up on your dreams just because you do not have money. There are a lot of funds for aspiring individuals like you in the universe! Start making it available for you.



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