Integrated Marketing Lead Generation Services:

Social Media Prospecting, Telemarketing, Social Networking, Social Media Development, Search Engine Optimization, Email Marketing, Event Marketing, CRM Services, Content Writing, Graphic Design, Content Publishing and Distribution.

Our Lead Generation  Philosophy:

lead generation integrated marketing servicesProspect Solutions’ Lead generation specialists employ a combined modern and traditional digital marketing strategy. To  achieve the best Return on Investment (ROI) we strategically mix and match multiple lead generation activities such as telemarketing, business networking, social media, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Pay Per Click Advertisement, email, and event marketing channels.  Our programs are customized and personalized to each client’s business requirements, experience and budget.

We do not believe in outdated and unacceptable sales tactics based on manipulation and ‘hard’ closing techniques.  We create professional, confident, educated, natural conversations designed to start professional long-term, enduring relationships between businesses and their clients.

Unlike many of our competitors, we advise our clients upfront about the costs and ROI of their intended market strategies. We communicate the realities and challenges of  modern marketing to our clients, encouraging them to use their funds strategically, innovatively and intelligently.

To meet and exceed our client’s requirements within their budgets, we have developed and tested several lead generation programs – which work!

 Our Focus: Resultslead generation results

  • Performance
  • Exceeding expectations
  • Positive Return on Investment
  • Satisfied customers




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