Lead Generation via Social Media

Social Media Lead Generation:

social media lead generation

Our outsourced sales professionals use social media to source  decision makers, and engage them into meaningful conversations.   Our social media lead generation activities are designed to engage the best prospects via group discussion, messaging, email and business networking.

Social media allow us to approach and connect with prospects both personally and professionally — our goal is to become a part of their community, to get to know them and help each other in business.

We measure our success by the number of new ‘connections’, ‘likes’, ‘pins’, ‘friends’, “comments”, appointments and closed deals.


Social Media Strategies:


Our outsourced Social Media Directors create and manage effective social media advertising campaigns which result in high numbers of new ‘likes’ and followers for your company’s social media sites.  Social media advertising is also the most effective and least expensive tool to increase you search engine ranking and create inbound lead traffic to your business.

Social Networking:

Our goal is to insure that no conversation initiated by telemarketing, door-to-door lead generation or business networking is left unfinished. We use social media to build relationships with your prospects and strategic alliance over time, until they are ready to take a desirable action.

Lead Generation:

Social media lead generation entails collecting marketing intelligence and approaching decision makers via social media channels to introduce your company and book quality appointments.

We employ best practises and the best technology with our social media campaigns. Our Social Media Directors are certified and knowledgeable in their field — we pride ourselves of being on the cutting edge with continuously taking courses and learning new strategies.  This enables us to use innovative approaches in how to use social media in our lead generation campaigns.