Marketing Strategy

“We strongly believe that ANY lead generation activity taken without long-term integrated marketing strategy context will ultimately fail.”

Marketing Strategy is a Pillar for Successful Lead Generation Campaigns

Prospect Solutions customizes marketing strategies to ensure outstanding results:

Understanding Your Target Market and Decision Makers

For lead generation projects to be successful the following questions need to be answered:


  • Who are your customers?

  • Where are they located?

  • Why they purchase your products or services vs. your competition?

  • When do they require your assistance?

  • How do they buy from you? Do they buy direct, online, via distributors or by  telephone? Do they require the help of a sales/service representative?

  • How much are they willing to pay? What costs are associated with each unit of sale?

Developing a Database of Prospects:

Without a qualified prospect database, it is hard to achieve results. Here are a number of ways to build an effective database:

  • Purchase leads from a database broker (InfocanadaDun and Bradstreet, etc).

  • Research and manually develop database of companies(Google, Yahoo, Bing, Yellow Pages, Web Directories, Associations, etc).

  • Create and improve your social media connectivity (LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+).

Defining and Monitoring Key Performance Indicators (KPI)

To measure the effectiveness of each campaign, we establish and monitor project specific KPIs:

  • Number of  calls/ connections/email messages/website visitors/social media interactions per time period.

  • Number of conversations/replies/ subscribers per time period.

  • Number of appointments/quotes/sales per time period/campaign.

  • Cost per conversation/connection/lead/sale.

KPIs are vital to measuring the success of each campaign and making improvements if required.

Developing a Calendar of Marketing Activities:

Here are some examples of lead generation activities that may be included in your integrated marketing calendar:

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