Case Study: Lead Generation for an fashion designer

 The company:

The company is an established women’s fashion, luxury brand from Eastern Europe designing and manufacturing garments catered to stylish and independent modern women whose dynamic business and social lives require high quality, exclusive, elegant and stylish outfits and garments.



The company is well established in Eastern Europe and wants to offer their products to women in North America through establishing effective e commerce and wholesale distribution channels.

Target Market:

  • Wholesale companies
  • Retail Store owners
  • Individual Consumers (ecommerce)


  • Website design
  • telemarketing
  • Importing, customs, merchandising
  • Pricing and promotion strategies
  • Social media
  • Business Networking
  • Public Relations
  • Fashion show marketing
  • Product photo shoot
  • Marketing and advertising


Project Length:

since 2013-2015


30,000 per year plus commission from sales