Lead Generation 2018

Outbound Lead Generation 2018

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Lead Generation 2018: Telemarketing or LinkedIn? Internet has clearly established itself as the preferred channel for outbound lead generation 2018. However, proactive outbound marketing is still very important for new customer acquisition and revenue generation. Internet generates the best results when outbound lead generation takes part in a multi-channel integrated marketing strategy. Here are some […]

Social Media Strategies for Recruiters

Social Media Strategies for Recruiters

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Social Media Strategies for Recruiters to Generate More Job Leads and Boost Placement Rates As a recruiter, finding qualified candidates can be tough, but perhaps even more challenging is finding enough job vacancies in which to place your candidates. ┬áSocial media strategies for recruiters are vital in order to: Grow and maintain a steady stream […]

seo strategy

Four Big Reasons Why Your Company Needs an SEO Strategy

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SEO Strategy is Still Worth The Investment With the rise of niche mobile apps and social media sites comes an increased market share of online searches that are happening on mediums other than Google. Some business owners and entrepreneurs may see this trend and wonder if an SEO strategy is still worth the investment. But […]

Pitfalls of B2B Lead Generation

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  There is a standard process for generating B2B sales leads. The conventional wisdom says that you begin with a large pool of potential contacts and narrow these down by presentation, appointment setting, qualification, negotiation and discussion. Eventually, a closed deal results in a new sales client. However, the latest technologies are altering the face […]