Many lead generation gurus claim: “Never Cold Call Again” or “Telemarketing is Dead”.  In our experience, telemarketing delivers impeccable results when combined with other integrated marketing activities and executed by competent personnel.

There are a number of ways how marketing professionals can succeed with cold calling and deliver desired client outcomes:

Telemarketing Database

With a well-developed and qualified database, cold calling initiatives will save you money. Modern day telemarketers are facing many challenges when trying to reach decision makers. Prospect Solutions qualifies and contacts your company’s best telemarketing prospect –  the ones who are already familiar with your company due to prior communications (visited your company website, clicked on previous email campaign links,  and/or requested contact during previous social media communications).

Telemarketing Representatives 

In an attempt to lower costs, business owners attempt to hire cold callers outside of North America. No matter how well spoken and intelligent these representatives are, most cannot maintain meaningful conversations with C-level decision makers. Why? On top of information exchange,  business conversations consist of local nuances, hidden meanings, intonations, jokes, slang, etc. To communicate effectively, telemarketers must have developed their social and business skills in North America.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

We believe that each interaction with a decision maker is an asset for our client’s business. Conversations require structure and documentation. Modern CRM systems capture and maintain information.

Reasonable Expectations & Sufficient Budgets

Most business owners believe that as soon as they get the “word out”, appointments will flow in. Unfortunately, this usually is not the case. Successful marketing campaigns require time, sufficient budget and long-term efforts.

Telemarketing Combined With Integrated Marketing Strategy

Marketing campaigns that are initiated without Integrated Marketing Strategy will ultimately fail. Many business professionals believe that investing in a single telemarketing campaign will fill their sales funnel with qualified leads and appointments. They are often left disappointed. Telemarketing campaigns are successful only if they are launched alongside an integrated marketing strategy (Social Media Prospecting, Content Development, and Email Marketing).

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