Greg Mccrann, Mccrann Cyrus Manufacturing

“ Prospect Solutions came as a team of marketing experts: telemarketing, marketing consultants, social media marketers, internet marketing specialists and project managers. For over a year they have helped my company  with website content writing and design, search engine optimization, LinkedIn prospecting and telemarketing lead generation. They generated thousands of new connections and dozens of […]

Henry Goldbeck

“ Prospect Solutions help us to generate traffic to our website and leads directly to our business. They have taken over the  management of  our mass email marketing program, increased its effectiveness  and decreased the number of hours required for this area of our marketing program. On top of digital marketing, prospecting team is generating […]

Simon Herber

“Last week I met with Phil Proctor of Clear Concepts and here is what he said about you, “she is persistent, she is professional, she is pleasant, she comes across prepared, but not canned; I’m also in a sales business and I like that about her”. Congratulations on doing a great job for SHF!!! ,

Gregory Whelton

“Since starting our business relationship with Prospect Solutions, we have been very happy with the leads generated. The excellent quality of appointments has resulted in numerous new clients and solid call-backs. We would recommend their services to whomever needs new business”

Bernie Hoglie

“The prospect is already anxious to work with DTM Systems, indicating that you’ve done an excellent job qualifying the prospect and selling us!”

Hart Fuellbrandt

“The prospect was very interested in our services. I met with him this morning and he signed up right away! Keep up the good work!”