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Websites are more than just a landing page, they are integrated marketing projects.

Your Website Design is Invaluable for Lead Generation 

Many business owners and managers mistakenly believe that the website is just an online brochure. In today’s era of internet and social media, customers are no longer receptive to pushy sales tactics, they want to carefully research and choose their business suppliers and partners. This is why your website is no longer just a brochure, but an informative and integrated marketing tool.

At Prospect Solutions, we offer a complete website design solution, which includes planning, content writing and graphic design. We create websites to attract your desirable target audience, engage visitors with relevant and intelligent content, and then persuade them to take action.

No matter how you engage your prospects in the first place (for example, through telemarketingemail, or social media), they will ultimately visit your website. Your website is the face of your business!

Here are the major factors that influence your website visitors’ decision making process:

Am I At The Right Place?

It is not easy to lead a qualified visitor to your website vs. to that of your competitors. It takes years of domain existence, search engine optimization efforts and pay per click advertising budgets.  And when they finally visit your website, it is important to encourage them to take a desirable action (request free consultation or contact you via telephone).

Can I Trust This Business?

It takes only 10-30 seconds for a visitor to decide to stay on your website or to leave. During this time, you need to demonstrate to your visitors that you are a reputable business with years of experience.

Is It Easy To Conduct Business With You?

Is it easy to navigate your site? Do you have broken links or empty pages? Is your contact form working and is the message delivered to the right mailbox? Is your phone number current and correct?

Your Website Marketing Team

In our experience, website design projects executed outside of integrated marketing strategy will fail. Companies who hire web designers who are unfamiliar with their business may wind up losing time, money and sales opportunities. Our marketing department outsourcing teams are embedded in clients’ business and culture and, therefore, able to create exceptional websites.

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