Why Hire Prospect Solutions?

If the answer to all or one of these questions is "Yes", consider marketing department outsourcing with Prospect Solutions: 

bored marketer imageAre you terrified by the complexity and cost of modern marketing?

Do you feel intimidated by internet marketing and social media buzz?

Do you feel like your lead generation department lacks fresh ideas and strategies?

Do you struggle to find time and resources for your marketing?

Is your existing marketing team bored and non-performing?


Prospect Solutions' team offers effective and affordable marketing department outsourcing. Here is how we provide our clients with outstanding and unparalleled results:

  1. Unlike other single-service solution providers, such as SEO, telemarketing, content development, social media, etc., we offer a complete Integrated Marketing Solution. 
  2. We are promoting you simultaneously via traditional (telemarketing) and digital (social media, internet marketing, SEO, etc.) marketing channels. The application of mixed and matched traditional and digital services generate consistent results.
  3. Our customized marketing strategies are aligned with your budget.
  4. Our outsourced marketing specialists melt into your culture and merge with your teams.
  5. With over 14 years experience in B2B marketing - working with a multitude of clients and industries -  we have defined, refined and perfected our methods and approaches.
  6. We leverage with your teams, strengths, and resources to stretch and optimize your budget.
  7. We customize modern marketing tactics and tailor them to your unique marketing needs.
  8. Our management team brings passion and commitment to each project we execute.
  9. Our strengths are flexibility, industry specific knowledge, and continuous learning of modern marketing. We are devoted to our clients' success.

We are one of the most creative and affordable solutions for marketing department outsourcing today. We can implement MODERN MARKETING in your company at a COST COMPARABLE TO ENTRY LEVEL SALARY OF ONE full-time marketing employee.