Why Marketing and Lead Generation fail?

Why Marketing and Lead Generation fail?

Marketing and lead generation requires time and consistent effort:

Large companies invest significant resources in marketing and lead generation. They have an advantage to hire, train and retain full time marketing and sales staff.  They can afford to make mistakes, test different approaches and hire trainers, coaches and consultants to constantly improve their marketing and lead generation strategies and develop their sales and marketing force. As a result of these consistent efforts, these businesses’ markets develop and grow over time. Because marketing and sales require two mandatory conditions: time, money, strategy and consistent effort.

Small and medium size businesses marketing and lead generation challenges

But when in comes to small and medium size business, the ability to test strategies, hire expertise, make mistakes, develop prospects and sales teams is limited. Small and medium size businesses are ROI sensitive on their marketing and lead generation programs.
Small and medium size business cannot afford that their marketing investments unless they generate sales results in a short period of time. In addition, they often can’t follow latest marketing trends and do not have access to marketing expertise that require to develop, execute and manage effective lead generation campaigns.

Marketing and lead generation outsourcing

Smaller companies often resort to contract multiple outsourcing companies or individual contractors, who is in charge of a particular marketing activity such as SEO, social media, web design, CRM, telemarketing and marketing strategy consulting. As a result of this approach, money and time are often wasted and results are not achieved. Marketing services providers often have their own visions, approaches and strategies. They often don’t have time to gain appropriate knowledge of their customer’s business processes, unique situations and cultures. These companies and individuals are focused on processes, they developed internally to simplify effectively run their business and generate profits.
As a result of the above challenges, small and medium size companies often left frustrated with marketing and shut down their lead generation efforts all together.

Solution: Hiring Integrated marketing and lead generation agency

So, what is the solution? The solution is to hire a specialized marketing and lead generation agency, which can offer various marketing expertise, work closely with customers by leveraging all available expertise and resources. Research, interview and select your marketing and lead generation providers wisely. Budget for your marketing with long term results in mind. Select the  agency that can offer it all: marketing strategy, consulting, project management and strategy execution capabilities, while utilising your internal knowledge and expertise to maximize the ROI.