6 Free Ways to Grow Your Business with Facebook

6 Free Ways to Grow Your Business with Facebook

Grow your Business with Facebook

There’s no denying that Facebook is the social media giant, with over 1 billion active users that visit Facebook in a single day. It’s no wonder that so many business owners and entrepreneurs use social media marketing as an integral part of their business.

Yet, there are over 16 million local business pages on Facebook today, which means your business can be easily lost in the sea of pages unless you are creative and strategic with your lead generation efforts.

Here are 6 free methods for garnering page likes on Facebook that will turn into quality leads and clients:

1. Promote Your Facebook Page Everywhere

Once you have an established page with a URL, include the link on your emails, business cards, website, and other social media profiles.

Don’t forget to also include links to the business page under the Work and Education section of your personal Facebook profile to scoop up additional likes from those who visit.

2. Team Up and Cross-Promote

As the old adage goes, “strength in numbers”. Start by finding another local business that could work symbiotically with yours. For example, a recruiting company in the corporate niche could team up with a local academy that offers workshops in administration. By forming a partnership, both businesses can extend their reach by cross-promoting each other’s posts, offers, and links.

3. Use Incentives

Trading likes for free offers is an easy and effective way to encourage new page likes. For instance, you could offer a “10% off your first purchase” coupon in exchange for a page like.

4. Stay Active and Engaging with Facebook

Interact with your audience on a regular basis to keep them engaged. Generate discussions and respond to their comments. Post quality content often and become your prospects’ go-to page for the latest industry news and events.

5. Incorporate Videos

In 2017, demand for video content has exploded on Facebook and is accountable for 7.15% of the entire platform’s reach. It’s essential to start making videos to mix in with your content in order to compete with other local businesses. Quality videos can be accomplished with minimal equipment; provided you have a modern smartphone, you already have everything you need to get started.

6. Use the “Add Button” Feature

This is a fantastic feature that invites prospects to sign up for your newsletter, get in touch, or book a service. This easy and effective step serves as a call to action that can lead prospects directly to your website and fast track them to becoming a client!


Tapping into Facebook for outbound marketing can be a game changer for the small business or entrepreneur. And although paid ads are an effective way to expand your reach and lead generation, there is still plenty you can do to for free to help you stand out as a small business on Facebook.


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