Why You Should Consider a Remote Marketing Strategy

Why You Should Consider a Remote Marketing Strategy

How Remote Marketing Can Help Your Company

A creative, proactive and efficient marketing department is an important part of any company. Because of the complexity of modern marketing, employers often lack workers with the job skills, work experience and education required in marketing departments. Perhaps you also lack the space at your current location to locate the extra employees. We can help you identify your remote marketing needs and supply you with right temporary workers to work for your company from home.

Remote Workers Perform Well

Being able to hire a potential marketing employee, allows you to find the best employee for the position, regardless of their location.

According to a study by the University of Illinois, remote workers performed as well as their in-office co-workers. That’s because temps need to work harder in order to justify their flexible working conditions.

We can help you to identify your challenges and supply you with trained remote marketing workers to work for your company.  

Remote workers are also better equipped and do not need to waste time travelling to and from an office. Due to less travel time, employees have more time for work, instead of being stuck in traffic.  

A Stanford professor conducted a survey to evaluate the benefits of hiring remote workers. As a result, he found workers got more work complete and worked longer hours. That’s because temps took fewer breaks and used less sick time, compared to employees working in an office

Home Office Set Up is Easy

To be able to work effectively as a member of your marketing team, a remote marketing temp needs a set of tools and software applications. We have over 14 years of managing work-from-home employees, teams and the best solutions and tools, both online and offline. 

The tools we offer include:

  • Customer Relationships Management (CRM) – An effective CRM system is essential for data management, analytics, integration and communication with your work from home employees
  • Time Management Systems – A time management system ensures accountability and higher productivity for your marketing employees working from home


A company can benefit greatly from hiring remote employees. Remote work can limit absences, increase productivity and save money. Remote employees pay for their own computer, electricity and other utilities. That all adds up to significant savings and helps you grow the bottom line.  Let us show you how!