In telemarketing, generating the right leads is everything. Blind calling ends up with disgruntled customers and wasted time, effort and money on the part of you and your callers. Ineffective tactics at lead generation actually cost companies millions of dollars every year.

Telephone marketing is a very effective tool if done right. It adds a human touch to the process and allows a direct line of communication for customers. Here are some things to keep in mind when developing lead generation strategies.

Filtering Leads

Productivity is vital for an effective sales team. Your callers do not want to spend time having customers hang up on them any more than you do. They want solid leads — golden tickets to sales. Put together a team of experts who are capable of filtering through your leads to pull out those golden tickets to help your team get the best contacts.

Combining Traditional and New

Too many telemarketing firms rely strictly on tried-and-true techniques that may still work on some level but on others are wildly out of date. Do not be afraid of new technological solutions, but do not ditch those that have worked time and again. The best results always come from adopting the best of the new methods and using them in conjunction with practices that are time-tested.

Nurture Your Leads

The cycles of business-to-business, or B2B, relations run very long. In order to keep your leads working well, you need to nurture them. Keep in touch with your leads. If they have not turned into customers yet, drop an additional call just to touch base and see where they stand. Ask how you can help in their buying decision. Show interest in their needs. This will help to keep them engaged in the long turn, and turn a contact into a client.

Retain Existing Customers

Arguably the most damaging mistake a business can make is not failing to bring in new customers, but failing to retain existing customers. Once you turn that contact into a client, the nurturing process has to continue.

Give your existing customers courtesy calls every so often. Ask them how they are doing, how they like your product or service and see if there is anything you can do to improve their experience. This way you are not experiencing constant turnover, but rather are building a customer base.

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