Is Your Marketing Team Bored? 5 Strategies to Restore the Verve

Your marketing team plays a critical role in your business. They’re responsible for generating fresh ideas, gathering data, and designing targeted campaigns. You rely on your marketing team to attract the right prospects to your business.

But if sales and lead generation are flagging, it could be that your team is under performing. Get them back in the game with these 5 tactics:

1. Spark Creativity

Marketing is largely a creative endeavour. Renew your team’s creativity by investing in innovation training initiatives. Set aside an hour each week for the team to sit down for a brainstorming session where they can bounce ideas off of each other.

Have your team do a case study on a marketing campaign that was successful. Discuss what worked and what didn’t to spur new ideas on current projects.

2. Promote Lateral Thinking

The best way to create marketing solutions is to think outside the box. To encourage lateral thinking, ask your team some thought-provoking questions:

  • “What would our campaign look like if we had no budget constraints?”
  • “How can we be different from our competitors?
  • “What would be the best – and worst – possible outcome of your idea?”

The questions are designed to challenge assumptions and approach projects from an alternate point of view in order to come up with new ideas and solutions.

3. Assign Goals

Give your team direction with specific objectives to meet each week. Make your team part of the process by having them add their own objectives. Meet each week to discuss the outcome; if a goal was not reached, determine why and what the next steps should be to reach it. Listen to their current challenges in order to help direct them.

4. Recognize Achievements

As with any of your employees, you need to recognize your marketing team’s efforts when they succeed. Be specific in your praise about what they did well and acknowledge each person’s role in a project well done. Publicize your praise by sending out a company-wide email about the team’s accomplishments.

5. Give Your Team Time

Good marketing ideas tend to take a lot of time to fully develop. You won’t be able to expect 100% output every day from your marketers. If they are confined by tight deadlines, they are less likely to produce quality work. Allow extra time to let your team’s ideas percolate; studies show that moderate procrastination is key to producing the best ideas!


Effective marketing can be a challenging endeavour; make the necessary investments to set your team up for success. A few well-implemented strategies can restore the zest of your marketing team’s efforts.