When it comes to lead generation, connections matter. According to LinkedIn, you are five times more likely to get a meeting with a prospect if they have at least one mutual connection in common.
LinkedIn is a great social media site for professionals, but if you’re serious about social media marketing and generating new leads, you need to consider investing in LinkedIn Sales Navigator – and learn how to use it effectively.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator maximizes your business-building potential:

Set Up Sales Navigator Properly

When first getting started with Sales Navigator, make sure you leave yourself a full hour to complete your account set up. Import your leads (individuals and companies you follow on LinkedIn) and sync with your CRM system. Many people tend to rush through this step but the more carefully you fill in the details as to what kind of leads you’re looking for, the more effective the tool will be down the road.

Find Who Follows You on LinkedIn

One of the most powerful ways to narrow down leads is to search by people who follow your company, as it shows you potential contacts who are already interested in you. These are the leads who are practically asking you to call them!

Save Your Searches

Saving your searches allows you to keep an eye on prospects who may have made new connections that are helpful to your prospecting. You can also set up auto-notifications to inform you when new people become relevant to your search criteria.

Focus on Your Top 1500 Leads

Narrow your leads down to a maximum of 1500 people. This concept stems from the Dunbar Number, which Robin Dunbar proclaimed is the maximum number of people we can have meaningful relationships with at a time. This number is approximate of course, but the takeaway is that if your scope of prospects is too broad, you won’t be able to adequately focus your energy on any particular individual enough to close the deal.

Connect Authentically

Sales Navigator can share a great deal of information about your leads, from shared experiences or skills to company news. Saving someone as a lead will also allow you to see their posts and shares. This valuable information is the perfect way to break the ice and initiate communication with an authentic and personalized approach.

Stay Actively Engaged

Add any past or current clients as an account so you can stay engaged with them. Stay active on your leads’ social media by commenting on their updates and endorsing their skills. It goes a long way to maintaining professional relationships and staying at the forefront of their minds!



Although subscribing to LinkedIn Sales Navigator is a big investment for some businesses and entrepreneurs, it’s an extremely powerful marketing strategy if utilized to its full potential. Also keep in mind that generating leads on the web is just part of the equation! When the timing is right, don’t hesitate to take the connection off the web, get them on the phone, and close the deal!