Sales is the most important revenue-generating component for many businesses, so it may come as some surprise to suggest that sales staff are one of the easiest and most profitable positions to outsource. The truth is that sales staff are often a drag on a company’s ability to agilely and skillfully respond to market demands.

Partial or full sales staff outsourcing frees up the resources businesses need to focus on meeting administrative and marketing goals while sales come in almost by second nature. Here are some great reasons why an outsourced sales staff can be indispensable to any brand:

No Need to Train Sales People

A widely-known secret is that sales staff often see a high turnover rate. The pressures of being focused on closing, the difficulties associated with following up on leads and the tenuous nature of most commissioned or income compensated sales environments all take their toll on people.

Many new sales staff only average a few months with a single firm before migrating to a different company or transitioning to a new career. Every time this happens, your firm must re-initiate the arduous screening, hiring and training process. New sales representatives will be rusty at first, and some may have been a poor fit even though they performed well in interviews. You will also have to dread the day one of your top sales staff members decides to leave you for another company, putting a huge burden once more on your HR and training resources.

Outsourced sales people come ready-to-work, already trained and with the knowledge they need to help your brand succeed. They often thrive in a sales-only environment where closing is the most important thing. These hungry recruits can focus on giving your business the baseline revenue it needs to grow and become a major player in your market.

No Need to Invest in Sales Software

Many income compensated sales teams rely on antiquated invoicing systems. Whether performed on spreadsheets, proprietary software or legacy applications getting long in the tooth, the task of calculating compensation and keeping track of sales invoices can eat up swathes of time. Worse, these methods can be inaccurate. One firm estimates that commission and bonus overpayments can reach up to eight percent for many sales-oriented industries.

When outsourcing sales, the company you choose will have invested in the latest third-party platforms to fulfill their needs. As market demands change, the outsourcing firm can change their system to fit the times. Their large-scale systems can handle the process of income compensation calculations with ease while your business can invest capital into solutions for their own demands.

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