There is a standard process for generating B2B sales leads. The conventional wisdom says that you begin with a large pool of potential contacts and narrow these down by presentation, appointment setting, qualification, negotiation and discussion. Eventually, a closed deal results in a new sales client.

However, the latest technologies are altering the face of lead generation, and an efficient process is more important than ever. Here are some of the pitfalls of generating leads, and how to avoid them.

Overloading Your Team

Funneling too many leads too quickly to your telemarketing team is a recipe for disaster. Of course you want to increase the flow of genuine sales clients through your pipeline. Focusing only on these new leads, however, can be your undoing. Your staff will be less efficient as they rush to make additional calls and bring in more clients. Sometimes more leads can lead to fewer conversions.

Maintain Your Client Base

Take the time to let your team make follow-up calls to existing clients. Rather than overwhelming them with potential new clients, nurture your current clientele so that your new leads are not just replacing lost ones.

Existing clients appreciate courtesy calls. They may have good suggestions or requests that you can help out with. Taking the time to check in will improve your customer satisfaction. By investing some time in keeping a happy pool of existing clients, your new leads add to a stable base. This will allow you to actually grow your business.

Technology Reliance

New technologies are exciting. It can be tempting to implement them wholesale and shift over entirely to these new methods. However, the old methods are tried and true. You certainly should not avoid technology, but make sure you evaluate its usefulness and features.

Think about how you can integrate new solutions to improve your existing methods. Do not become overly dependent on the latest and greatest.

The Big Picture

We live in a detail-oriented world, and it can be easy to lose sight of the forest for the trees. Always keep your big picture in sight. As mentioned earlier, are you generating lots of new leads, only to find that you are not maintaining old clients?

This will just result in stagnancy or even can be your undoing. It is important to maintain your old client base so that your new leads grow your business rather than simply keeping it stable.

Analyzing Your Sales Process

The sales process consists of a number of stages. Lead generation is the beginning of building your clientele. You should be constantly evaluating and analyzing the success of every stage of your sales process. Potential clients will look at the strength of your business, so maintaining a smooth flow of client management you will greatly improve the potential for new B2B lead generation.

Through careful analysis, attention to the big picture and maintenance of your existing clientele, you can avoid many pitfalls that can be the downfall of a successful lead generation strategy. If you need help or advice generating telemarketing leads, get in touch with us today. We look forward to helping!