What is Productive Marketing?

Today, productive marketing involves both: embracing internet and traditional lead generation methods and techniques.

In order to succeed, businesses need to find new ways of generating leads in order to achieve their goals. It’s really a case of trying out different strategies, assessing the results and looking for ways they can be refined.

Modern Ways to Generate Leads

Online Lead Generation

Also known as digital marketing, this is the one of the most rewarding strategies. However, it might be expensive, requiring time, effort and continuous learning. Unlike traditional lead-generation strategies, such as cold calling and door-to-door marketing, digital marketing delivers inbound leads, who are searching for your product or services. They are easier to sell and usually bring more revenue to the business.

Content Marketing

Content Marketing is a viable component to the overall digital marketing strategy. It is all about producing various content such as blog articles, website pages, infographics, video, animation, podcasts and more. In order to be effective, quality and user experience are the most important content KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators). They  are taken into account by Google and Website Visitors.

Email marketing

Email marketing is a traditional and most loved lead generation method by both digital and traditional marketers. It is a great way to generate brand awareness, start and maintain relationships, build loyalty and make the most of cross-selling and upselling opportunities.

Social Media Lead Generation

Social Media Lead Generation is a new way to approach and engage businesses via LinkedIn, Google+, and Facebook. Unlike traditional telemarketing, Social Media lead generation allows a more personal approach to potential buyers.

Online Public Relations (Reputation Building)

Online Reputation Building requires a set of strategies, involving high quality content development, enhancing user experience, building reputable online and offline community, and generating high quality links and mentions. It adds weight to your content when a journalist references company  or the content from your business’ website or blog.

Productive Marketing: Using a Lead Generation Company

Using an outsourced marketing department or hiring a lead generation company, may be more productive than sourcing, training and maintaining an in-house marketing team. Choose a lead generation agency, which already has a proven track record of success in your industry and your geographical territory, such as State or Province.


In order to make 2018 a year of productive marketing, companies need to re-think and reinvent their marketing strategies. The new ways to generate leads and attract visitors to your website and Social Portals, companies must embrace integrated marketing approach, involving both, traditional and digital marketing channels.
it is advised to contact a Lead Generation company, in order to make this transition into modern marketing more smooth and cost effective for your business.