Lead Generation Activities and ROI: Why it is missing?

“Across the industry spectrum, salespeople are frustrated, failing and earning far less than they should because they do not know how to prospect… they spin their wheels chasing flavor-of-the-day magic pills and ‘easy buttons’ that frustratingly never seem to make a difference” 

Mark Hunter, High-Profit Prospecting:Powerful Strategies to Find Best Leads and Drive Breakthrough Sales Results.

Website and SEO  Are Not Enough for Lead Generation Activity

In the age of lead generation and SEO marketing many business owners and marketing professionals overlook the importance of integrated marketing. Companies are cutting their marketing budgets hoping to achieve their revenue objectives with the sole help of SEO. Although, web site content and SEO lead generation activity is important, it is not enough to sustain sufficient marketing ROI; for a number of reasons.

1.It is hard to get your website to the first page of Google: Good Content Matters:

Google requires that new content be consistently added to your site. Google wants people to use their search engine and to deliver best of the best quality websites to their customers. It is very hard to persuade Google that your site is “worth it” with low quality blog content. Cheap content produced only for Google to read will not be ranked highly and can even cause your site to be penalized. Smart marketers invest in high quality content and distribute it through social media and email marketing. High quality articles and info graphics will be noticed and appreciated, shared and liked. This will improve online trust and ranking for the website.

2. SEO only is not enough:

Regardless of how carefully you select your keywords, you cannot choose who visits your site. Most SEO-inclined marketers are investing in keywords that produce a higher number of visitors. Yes, this strategy generates web site views, but it may not result in the best customers’ prospects. As a result, your lead generation team will spend a lot of time and effort chasing after bad leads. This time and effort could have been better invested in other activities such as prospecting and business networking.

3. Human Interactions matter:

Online marketing cannot replace direct human-to-human interaction like introductions, “touch base” and ongoing conversations. This can only be achieved by effective use of social media prospecting and telemarketing. Social media sites like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter allow us to select, connect, and follow our best prospects and future customers. Social media allows us to connect and build better relationships with our target customers in a friendly and non-sales manner.  Subsequent follow-up with telemarketing will give voice to our profiles and create an invaluable human connection with our connections.

The good news is that there are many outbound lead generation channels available in the arsenal of modern marketing. Modern prospecting must be executed across multiple marketing channels, such as telemarketing, social media, email and business networking. Tune up and motivate your sales team to learn, plan, execute and measure successful lead generation campaigns. Or consider hiring a knowledgeable, experienced and motivated marketing department outsourcing provider.