Outbound Lead Generation 2018

Outbound Lead Generation 2018

Lead Generation 2018: Telemarketing or LinkedIn?

Internet has clearly established itself as the preferred channel for outbound lead generation 2018. However, proactive outbound marketing is still very important for new customer acquisition and revenue generation. Internet generates the best results when outbound lead generation takes part in a multi-channel integrated marketing strategy.

Here are some promising trends to help your company keep up with the latest tactics of lead generation in 2018.


There are still a lot of business executives out there, who conduct business transactions and negotiations over the phone. Many industries such as retail, hospitality and construction are best reached over the phone. These small business owners and employees rely on the phone as a preferred communication tool to conduct business.

This type of businesses would not respond if reached through social media channels, as they do not use internet for direct communication with their customers. They also often lack knowledge on how to use social media for business communication and marketing.

Even if you are already using email and social media, telemarketing is an ideal tool to add to your list for outbound lead generation to reach this type of audience.


LinkedIn is a great way to connect with potential customers. Almost every business professional has a LinkedIn profile and is active with their professional networks. Unlike telemarketing and email, LinkedIn invitations and messages are delivered, read and taken into consideration. Good quality LinkedIn marketing brings the best results for many social media prospectors.

In addition, LinkedIn offers a lot of exposure for business executives, allowing them to  participate in discussions, share newsworthy content and view who’s been looking at their profile. Reaching out to executives at the right moment, can even result in them buying your company’s product or service.


Choose the right channel based on your target market and its communication preferences. If your target market is comfortable in the digital age, connect and engage with them on LinkedIn, Facebook or other online platforms. If they are not –  use more traditional means, such as telemarketing, in order to reach them.

Make 2018 a Year of Productive Marketing!

Make 2018 a Year of Productive Marketing!

What is Productive Marketing?

Today, productive marketing involves both: embracing internet and traditional lead generation methods and techniques.

In order to succeed, businesses need to find new ways of generating leads in order to achieve their goals. It’s really a case of trying out different strategies, assessing the results and looking for ways they can be refined.

Modern Ways to Generate Leads

Online Lead Generation

Also known as digital marketing, this is the one of the most rewarding strategies. However, it might be expensive, requiring time, effort and continuous learning. Unlike traditional lead-generation strategies, such as cold calling and door-to-door marketing, digital marketing delivers inbound leads, who are searching for your product or services. They are easier to sell and usually bring more revenue to the business.

Content Marketing

Content Marketing is a viable component to the overall digital marketing strategy. It is all about producing various content such as blog articles, website pages, infographics, video, animation, podcasts and more. In order to be effective, quality and user experience are the most important content KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators). They  are taken into account by Google and Website Visitors.

Email marketing

Email marketing is a traditional and most loved lead generation method by both digital and traditional marketers. It is a great way to generate brand awareness, start and maintain relationships, build loyalty and make the most of cross-selling and upselling opportunities.

Social Media Lead Generation

Social Media Lead Generation is a new way to approach and engage businesses via LinkedIn, Google+, and Facebook. Unlike traditional telemarketing, Social Media lead generation allows a more personal approach to potential buyers.

Online Public Relations (Reputation Building)

Online Reputation Building requires a set of strategies, involving high quality content development, enhancing user experience, building reputable online and offline community, and generating high quality links and mentions. It adds weight to your content when a journalist references company  or the content from your business’ website or blog.

Productive Marketing: Using a Lead Generation Company

Using an outsourced marketing department or hiring a lead generation company, may be more productive than sourcing, training and maintaining an in-house marketing team. Choose a lead generation agency, which already has a proven track record of success in your industry and your geographical territory, such as State or Province.


In order to make 2018 a year of productive marketing, companies need to re-think and reinvent their marketing strategies. The new ways to generate leads and attract visitors to your website and Social Portals, companies must embrace integrated marketing approach, involving both, traditional and digital marketing channels.
it is advised to contact a Lead Generation company, in order to make this transition into modern marketing more smooth and cost effective for your business.

Six Key Tips to Building Your Business with LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Six Key Tips to Building Your Business with LinkedIn Sales Navigator

When it comes to lead generation, connections matter. According to LinkedIn, you are five times more likely to get a meeting with a prospect if they have at least one mutual connection in common.
LinkedIn is a great social media site for professionals, but if you’re serious about social media marketing and generating new leads, you need to consider investing in LinkedIn Sales Navigator – and learn how to use it effectively.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator maximizes your business-building potential:

Set Up Sales Navigator Properly

When first getting started with Sales Navigator, make sure you leave yourself a full hour to complete your account set up. Import your leads (individuals and companies you follow on LinkedIn) and sync with your CRM system. Many people tend to rush through this step but the more carefully you fill in the details as to what kind of leads you’re looking for, the more effective the tool will be down the road.

Find Who Follows You on LinkedIn

One of the most powerful ways to narrow down leads is to search by people who follow your company, as it shows you potential contacts who are already interested in you. These are the leads who are practically asking you to call them!

Save Your Searches

Saving your searches allows you to keep an eye on prospects who may have made new connections that are helpful to your prospecting. You can also set up auto-notifications to inform you when new people become relevant to your search criteria.

Focus on Your Top 1500 Leads

Narrow your leads down to a maximum of 1500 people. This concept stems from the Dunbar Number, which Robin Dunbar proclaimed is the maximum number of people we can have meaningful relationships with at a time. This number is approximate of course, but the takeaway is that if your scope of prospects is too broad, you won’t be able to adequately focus your energy on any particular individual enough to close the deal.

Connect Authentically

Sales Navigator can share a great deal of information about your leads, from shared experiences or skills to company news. Saving someone as a lead will also allow you to see their posts and shares. This valuable information is the perfect way to break the ice and initiate communication with an authentic and personalized approach.

Stay Actively Engaged

Add any past or current clients as an account so you can stay engaged with them. Stay active on your leads’ social media by commenting on their updates and endorsing their skills. It goes a long way to maintaining professional relationships and staying at the forefront of their minds!



Although subscribing to LinkedIn Sales Navigator is a big investment for some businesses and entrepreneurs, it’s an extremely powerful marketing strategy if utilized to its full potential. Also keep in mind that generating leads on the web is just part of the equation! When the timing is right, don’t hesitate to take the connection off the web, get them on the phone, and close the deal!


6 Free Ways to Grow Your Business with Facebook

6 Free Ways to Grow Your Business with Facebook

Grow your Business with Facebook

There’s no denying that Facebook is the social media giant, with over 1 billion active users that visit Facebook in a single day. It’s no wonder that so many business owners and entrepreneurs use social media marketing as an integral part of their business.

Yet, there are over 16 million local business pages on Facebook today, which means your business can be easily lost in the sea of pages unless you are creative and strategic with your lead generation efforts.

Here are 6 free methods for garnering page likes on Facebook that will turn into quality leads and clients:

1. Promote Your Facebook Page Everywhere

Once you have an established page with a URL, include the link on your emails, business cards, website, and other social media profiles.

Don’t forget to also include links to the business page under the Work and Education section of your personal Facebook profile to scoop up additional likes from those who visit.

2. Team Up and Cross-Promote

As the old adage goes, “strength in numbers”. Start by finding another local business that could work symbiotically with yours. For example, a recruiting company in the corporate niche could team up with a local academy that offers workshops in administration. By forming a partnership, both businesses can extend their reach by cross-promoting each other’s posts, offers, and links.

3. Use Incentives

Trading likes for free offers is an easy and effective way to encourage new page likes. For instance, you could offer a “10% off your first purchase” coupon in exchange for a page like.

4. Stay Active and Engaging with Facebook

Interact with your audience on a regular basis to keep them engaged. Generate discussions and respond to their comments. Post quality content often and become your prospects’ go-to page for the latest industry news and events.

5. Incorporate Videos

In 2017, demand for video content has exploded on Facebook and is accountable for 7.15% of the entire platform’s reach. It’s essential to start making videos to mix in with your content in order to compete with other local businesses. Quality videos can be accomplished with minimal equipment; provided you have a modern smartphone, you already have everything you need to get started.

6. Use the “Add Button” Feature

This is a fantastic feature that invites prospects to sign up for your newsletter, get in touch, or book a service. This easy and effective step serves as a call to action that can lead prospects directly to your website and fast track them to becoming a client!


Tapping into Facebook for outbound marketing can be a game changer for the small business or entrepreneur. And although paid ads are an effective way to expand your reach and lead generation, there is still plenty you can do to for free to help you stand out as a small business on Facebook.


Lead Generation with LinkedIn and Why It Is Important

Lead Generation with LinkedIn and Why It Is Important

How to Use LinkedIn for Lead Generation?

Lead generation is a crucial marketing strategy that generates interest or inquiries for a particular product or service that you provide. It is also a process of making contacts that can eventually lead to favorable outcomes such as sales order placement.  Lead generation may come from different activities such as prospecting for clients during a trade show, through personal referrals, the LinkedIn plays a very important role in lead generation.

Today, integrated marketing lead generation uses different internet marketing strategies, which refers to the generation of customer interest using multiple marketing channels.  There are different types of integrated marketing lead generation strategies that you can use, but one of the most popular is the use of social media.

Social networking sites  allow  generate leads  and gain business opportunities, by building communities and enhancing relationships with individual prospects.  The challenge with using social media, however, is that you might find it burdensome to manage your campaign, especially if you are also solely managing your business while dealing with employees too.

What Is LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is one of the social networking platforms that allow people to connect with other people, groups, and organizations. LinkedIn is not only used by ordinary people to connect it also helps businesses improve their marketing strategies. To make your LinkedIn profile page effective in generating leads, you need to provide accurate information about your company as well as start conversation with other LinkedIn users.


As with the other social networking sites, LinkedIn allows you to connect with other like-minded individuals who might also be interested in your products and services. This makes it easy for you to sell and do effective prospecting with people within your niche.

How to Use LinkedIn for Lead Generation?

Aside from using LinkedIn for inbound  and outbound marketing, there are many ways that you can use it  for lead generation. Below are the ways on how you can do Lead Generation with LinkedIn by implementing the following integrated marketing strategies:

  • Answers: This is a great tool offered by LinkedIn. It allows other users to ask about a business and get advice from the experts. This feature also shows who’s giving the advice so if you want to get the attention of your prospecting clients, make sure that you become an industry insider to gain the trust of clients.
  • Groups: You can join groups in LinkedIn. Make sure that you join groups that are not only related to your industry, but also those that are not related to yours for maximum exposure. For instance, if you run an accounting agency, try to reach out to other businesses that may need your services.
  • People: This feature is great for generating sales by connecting to different people in LinkedIn. This process of online prospecting allows you to meet a lot of people that might be interested in your products and services. To connect with other users, make sure that you check the profile of people that you want to add, to gauge if your services meet their needs.
  • Direct Ads: LinkedIn provides a good advertising program that is used to drive prospects to your landing page.  The ads work the same way with Google ads. Make sure that you write a good headline and a destination link to encourage people to visit your site.

There is more to LinkedIn than just prospecting for new clients and business contacts. It provides an integrated marketing platform so you can use it to build your business and even your reputation as well as improve your marketing strategies.